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Ratan’s Pimple Touch Acne treatment gel helps to fade acne from the first day. It comes with triple benefit which helps in complete regeneration of your skin by cleansing, preventing and purifying the skin. The gel is enriched with white sandalwood. This acts as an anti oxidant and helps to revitalize your skin giving it nourishment, preventing re occurrence of acne and making it naturally beautiful. For best results use Ratan’s Pimple Touch Syrup along with Ratan’s Pimple Touch Acne Treatment Gel .

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According to the Ayurveda the Acne are caused due to contamination in kaph, bile and blood. Skin infections, germs, constipation & intestinal disorders, excessive intake of spices are the other reasons due to which acne are caused. Some skin diseases experts says that when swat glands produces more oil the acne are appeared, particularly in the youth. Acne makes your beautiful skin spotted, unattractive and clumsy.

How to use?

Wash your hands and face properly and dry them with a towel.

Take small quantity of Ratan’s Pimple Touch Gel on the tip of your finger.

Apply Ratan’s Pimple Touch Gel on the face over the pimples and surroundings properly.

Leave it for one hour in the morning and again for the whole night before going for
sleep. For better results continue the process for 5 days.

For better results use regularly for longer period.

Results may vary from person to person.

This is a complete Ayurvedic preparation from rare herbs.

Indication: Pimple, Acne, Blood-Purifier & protects skin infection.

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