Facia Body Facial Bar 75g (Pack of 2)


Facia – The everyday herbal facial bar. Adorned by a beautiful fragrance, this velvety, hydrating, foaming cleanser penetrates deep in the skin resulting in gentle removal of everyday wear and tear effectively, retaining essential moisture and leaving your skin lustrous after every wash.

Combining richness of Ayurvedic herbs like Kesar, Chandan, Aloevera, Camphor with the goodness of Fruitamins. Facia ensures a healthy, glowing and beautiful skin. The unique formula is perfect for all skin types and is suited for both men and women.


An exclusive complete bathing experience.

First time in india, you have got your hands on a complete bathing experience. Made with natures most revered ingredients like saffron, sandal wood, aloevera and camphor. It helps in restoring moisture. Thus giving you soft shining and ageless skin. These is the best and most luxurious bathing experience that you will get.

General soaps deal harshly with skin. Facia luxury bathing bar helps you in taking gentle care of all parts of your body including face, hands, legs, front back, armpits and sensitive parts. Consider these as a special spa treatment for your whole body. These is not just a soap its a complete skin treatment experience.

FRESHEN-UP : Camphor and its antibacterial activity stimulate the skin giving joy of fresh filling.

SOVEREIGNTY: Keshar and chandan remove dust and small partical. It helps skin remain engrossed with fragrance.

TIGHTENING: Helps skin stay firm and look younger and long.

BRIGHTNESS: Keshar and chandan help restoring the nature texture and look skin glow brighter.



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